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WildCard Customs - Australian Manufacturer of Stunning Custom/Production Chopper and ProStreet American V-Twin Motorcycles at affordable prices!
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  • V-Twin, Harley & Customs Customisations & Servicing
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  • V-Twin, Harley & Customs Customisations & Servicing
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  • V-Twin, Harley & Customs Customisations & Servicing
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  • V-Twin, Harley & Customs Customisations & Servicing
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  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!
  • Our BONES...It will impress!

Wildcard Customs is Australia's Premier Supplier of Custom Production Motorcycles

These stunning bikes are Financeable, Registerable, Insurable and RIDEABLE in ALL Australian States

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Rides and Events

Gympie Charity Poker Run

Another great Poker Run in Gympie!



Yandina & Ettamogah Nov 2013

Another Sunny day in Montville

Why we love what we do!

Quick mid week strap out to Montville, got to love the sunshine coast hinterland!


Ulysees Car and Bike Show WA 2012

Laurie doin well at the Ulysees Car and Bike Show in WA and thanks for the Plug Laurie!!

Big Fish Car and Bike Show 2012

Workin Hard 2011...

Video Conference with New Management!

Image blurred to protect the identities of people that should be workin.

Local Charity 2012

Gasoline Garage in Coburg VIC 2011

Dropped in and saw our authorised service centre in Coburg Melbourne. Was great to meet Pedro and the crew at Gasoline Garage. It's really cool to be involved with such a professioal shop like this. They have an awesome workshop and got some cool projects going on. And they make a dam good coffee!!!!

Andy & Ben @ High Performance Cycles Adelaide 2011

Went down to Adelaide to deliver a nice Bear Bones to a customer and while I was there I got to drop in and see our new authorised service centre, Hyperformance Cycles!

Awesome that Andy and his team at High Performance Cycles is looking after our Big Bears in South Australia, much appreciated! It's cool that we're getting support from such a professional organisation! Thanks again from Wildcard Customs.

Eumundi Bike & Hot Rod Show 2011

Tin Can Bay 2011

It's been difficult organizing rides these last months when the rain just keeps coming, so we get out with a day or two's notice when we get a bit of sun. A few of us went up to Tin Can Bay a couple of weeks back.

Melbourne Expo 2010

Melbourne Motorcycle Expo saw a big crowd over the three days, I think having Sexpo next door at the same time helped a little too, though it made it difficult to keep our crew focused and on the stand!!

Sunshine Butterflies Charity Ride 2010

Sunshine Butterflies is a support Charity for disabled Children, right through to Adults, and their families. It's a great cause and well worth supporting.

This years ride, like last year attracted a good crowd and it was well organized.

Samford Skirmish 2010

A few of us rode down to Samford for an afternoon of Skirmish! Was a fun way to spend an afternoon, and a few hundred paintballs!

Yandina Bike and Hot Rod Show 2010

Perfect day for it and it was a good day enjoyed by all that got there.

A wild V8 bike set up for Sand Drags proved popular in the burn out pit. Big Bears got a Best Bike Trophy and Best Paint.

Harvey Bay Maryborough 2010

Had a ride up to Harvey Bay. Cam and I caught up with Eric and his Athena Chopper and paid a visit to the Paint Doctor. I'd heard a lot about his work and have seen his work at shows and in mags. Hans is going to do some work for us on our Big Bears, we're looking forward to working with him.

Trip to BBC 2010

A recent trip to America in late Feb was a good one for a lot of reasons...

A mate from VIC came with me to have a look at the Big Bear Factory, meet the team there and help with the final touches on a bike that Kevin is building for him. We stayed down the mountain for the first couple of days as Kevin was still returning from a dealer party in Texas. We took this time to visit with Seth from Aggressive Designs so Russell could discuss the paint theme with him. Seth tried to sell his customized '69 Camaro while we were there. Good car but getting it registered here would have been a problem.

Big Bear Feb 2010 205

We headed up the mountain about Tuesday, blew me away the first time, still does this sort of country so close to LA

Gold Coast Australian Motorcycle Expo 2010

After Johnno cruised into the shop from up north we headed for the Bruce Highway...nine Big Bears blastn' our way to the Goldy...was a good ride and we managed to beat the rain...

Range & Woodford Ride 2009

We probably should have started earlier this day cause it got real hot by late in the morning from Caboolture up the Old Bruce Highway.

PCYC Car and Hot Rod Show 2009

The PCYC show is just a good old local show, it's a good ride there and home.

The turn out was more than expected and sun was out all day, more of a car show than bike but there was good numbers of bikes entered. Thanks to Mike from Vic for dropping in with his Sled and Jeff for coming over with his Venom, though Jeff never needs an excuse to get out on his bike.

HD Bitz 2009

Jamie organised the ride down to Bird's new place HD Bitz in Narangba. Great place to grab some good gear, parts and accessories.

We rode down in the pouring rain and a gail on the second half. Ride home was fine, deserved a bit of luck.

Ride The Range 2009

Ricks is always the place to start, not too rushed, breakfast and a catch up, and then off on a ride. We went north and then up through Mapleton and Montville, doesn't matter how many times we use that road it's always a good one, hard to keep your eyes on the road with the views though.

Kin Kin Ride 2009

The Kin Kin ride was a good day, we pulled up at ricks and there was another 40 or so bikes there thanks to Rick and Mike Folley's organizing skills.

Toogoolawah Trip 2008

The Wildcard Customs 'Toogoolawah Road Trip' was a great success, thanks to the great hospitality shown to us from Steve and Andrea from the Toogoolawah Exchange Hotel. Everyone had a great time and partied hard.

Gold Coast Bike Week 2008

Five Big Bear Choppers were invited by Ultimate Choppers to join and display bikes on their stand in on the Goldcoast Bike Week.

We didn't trail them down, we rode them into the event! Chuck from Oz Bike was later telling us at the bar that we got a standing applause from the crowd as they are not used to seeing custom bikes being ridden in. They were then put the bikes on display for the afternoon.

Apollonian Hotel, Boreen Point 2008

Our first official ride with the Big Bear Choppers took off early on a sunny Sunday with a few guys from Brisbane joining us on V-Rods.

Wild West Adventure Part 1... Wildcard style!

Christmas Deadline, Roadtrip QLD to WA in 1 weekend to make 2 customer's dreams come true...Crazy roadtrip stories. Thats how we do it at Wildcard!

Brad's Photography

Some of our adventures captured, thanks Brad!



HAPPINESS...you can't buy it.
...but you can buy a Motorcycle, and that's pretty damn close!


Just another Day in Paradise

Chopper Garaging

Part of the family...

Lost in South West QLD

On the way back from a delivery to Victoria.

Wildcard Customs - Some From Our Year

Photos from 2010.

Black & Orange Prototype

Getting out on a ride with Kevin was a blast for Adam on his trip to Big Bear and S & S last month. They swapped bikes part way so Adam got on the Black/Orange Prototype, that we might see in Australia next year, and Kevin's own wild 124ci Miss B.

Murf's Visit

Murf's one of if not the top guy from BBC. It's been awesome having him here working with us. Hope to see you back again soon Murf.

A Very White BBC Christmas!

Big Bear Lake winter forecast for December 2008.

Shout-Out from Outback Queensland

We received a mention in a newspaper in outback Queensland, Bob 'Chopper' Langley suits our DA!

Cooyar Pub Ride 2014

Our annual Ride 2014 - Cooyar Show!.
The annual Cooyar show ride was on again! Great company & entertainment, and plenty of cold beers!

Apollonian Hotel, Boreen Point 2013

Awesome Ride out a few weekends ago out to Boreen Point.  Great day, lots of sunshine & plenty of bikes!

Cooyar Pub Ride 2013

Great blast out to Cooyar Pub.
The annual Cooyar show was on to top off our night! Cold beers & a sunny day, what more could you want?

May Ride 2012

Another Sunny Weekend 2012

Melbourne Motorcycle Expo 2012

Awesome turn out for the Melbourne show, we had great new bikes to show, thanks to everyone for coming to see us!

After we sent our bikes on a road trip down, we all jumped on a plane and headed to Melbourne, got driven in style to the Show by our driver Alex in his Chrysler 300!  We got to chat to heaps of chopper enthusiasts, who are ready for their custom bike dreams to come true, had a great time with so many bikes to see, we will be back for sure!!

Mt Isa Delivery 2011

Arriving at the Isa...

Well worth the trip, Karl's a happy man!

A long way home...


Rider hazards...

Touch of history...

Touch of geology...

Walkabout Creek Hotel, Crocodile Dundee...and its closed, wtf!

Sheep this far up North? Just gets more and more interesting...

And yep the home of Qantas too!

Rambling pictorial of a lonely road!

Rollies Dealer Day 2011

We rode down to Rollies for a dealer day! They flew over the guys from a bunch of manufacturers including; Scott from S&S, Grady and Sue from BDL, Ted from Performance Machine and Bert from Baker.

Burleigh Bars 2011

Four of us went for a ride down to see Dave, Hamish and the crew @ Burleigh Bars to measure up a bad ass custom set of bars for Cam's Athena Chopper.

Logan City PCYC Hot Rod and Bike Show 2011

Australia Day Ride 2011

Australia Day 2011, a few of us met at the shop in the morning.

We went for a quick ride up to Eumundi and then across to Kenilworth Pub for a Hot Rod Show. All was good after the rains being with us for so long.

Patriots Moreton Bay Roll of the Dice Run & Bike Show 2010

The Moreton Bay Patriots put on a good ride each year and remind us to think of those who have served and those who currently serve.

The ride went to Donnybrook Bowls Club for lunch over to D'aguilar Pub and then back to Redcliffe must have been about 150 bikes. Look forward to next year!

Harvey Bay Overnighter 2010

We thought we'd do an overnighter in August and coincide it with the Havey Bay Bike and Hot Rod Show at Fraser Lakes Golf Club.  

Even though we left the shop early we still got up a little late. I get the blame for this most times but can't be "just" me surely??  Eric still managed to get Top Custom trophy, we swear the judge was one of his neighbours!!!

Eumundi Bike & Hot Rod Expo 2010

We started the day early and after getting Mo to load up two new bikes to take to the show in his MO Tow Recovery Vehicle, rode down Caboolture way and met up with some Big Bear owners and some Harley riders.

Woodford Dayboro 2010

July 4th, plenty of sunshine and the best American Custom/Production Bikes on the Planet! Yep, top way to spend American Independence Day, not just your average Sunday.  The roads of the Maleny Range, Peachester, Woodford, Mt Mee, The Samford Valley and the classic old D’aguilar and Dayboro Hotels. Just a good day had by all.

Somerset Harlin Ride 2010

Ric's "as we do" first up, was great to have a few Harley's riding, it's not Big Bears only so people are more than welcome to come along. We had a bit of confusion leaving Palmwoods, Cam was at the centre of it, surprise surprise, but we met up again at Caboolture and then met Steve at Kilcoy.

Film Day Great South East Feb Show 2010

Ric's Diner and Garage in Palmwoods let us put some bikes on display when the Great South East came to film.

Bikes getting ready for their cameo appearance in front of Ric's Diner in Palmwoods. The big 'bikers?' often pull up for a feed, filming day was no exception. Big thanks to Ric for giving us a plug in his spot on the Great South East!

Frogs Hollow Bike Run, Apple Tree Creek 2009

Great weekend should put it on your calendar if you don't go already.

Hinterland Poker Run 2009

From the start of the day at Rics then the Landsborough for the sign on, onto the Imbul then the Kenilworth and the finish at Eumundi it was just a great day, we all had a ball and not “too” many beers while we’re riding.

Tin Can Bay, Apollonian Ride 2009

A good start to the day at Rics Garage for breakfast. Ric and Lisa have only to add a few finishing touches to their Dina it's looking great. The weather was perfect after a long spell of rain.

Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo 2009

From the drive down, view from the room, the set up and three days of crowds all over the bikes to the ride home all went really well.

Plenty of people were blown out by the bikes. They hadn't seen them before but we're just getting them out there.

Ulysses SC Toy & Tucker Run 2008

We all met at Rick's Garage in Palmwoods early Sunday morning for a hearty breakfast and fuel top up then rode down to Caloundra for the start of the run.

Imbil Pub Run 2008

The plan was to meet at the Bli Bli Caltex and ride up to the Imbil turn off, meet up with Jamie and crew from Gympie and then to the Imbil Railway Hotel.

Hinterland Poker Run 2008

We were invited to join the Ulans for the Hinterland Poker Run who are well known for putting on a sensational day, this one was no different.

Servicing & Customisation Projects

If you are looking to customise your current ride or looking for a new service centre whether it's a Harley , V-Twin or Custom , Wildcard Customs can assist you with your customisation and servicing needs!

Whether its aftermarket parts & fitting, frame & tin mods, wide tyre conversions ,S&S power upgrades, front ends, custom exhausts, wheels & tyre fitting, second seats & baggage/storage options or simply want your bike rebuilt or cleaned up. Wildcard can now offer this service on the coast! We now have available the top end manufacturers' components to make your bike stand out! If you are finishing off your chopper project, doesnt matter what brand it is, we can supply you with the parts to finish off and also building, engineering and compliance on your ride  to get you on the road sooner!

Check out the pics of recent projects we have worked on.

Wildcard Customs provides attention to detail and a commitment to customer satisfaction, all the while supporting manufacturer warranties.

Miss Rachel

The beautiful Miss Rachel, available for photoshoots for your bike. Contact us for more info.

Built To Be Ridden - ANYWHERE!

Ridin' Choppers...Clips from the GoPro

This is why we love what we do!
Wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

Our Newest Staff Member

We weren't allowed a Bear...but Loco's close!

Delivery to Gary in VIC

USA Febuary 2012

Ohio Florida, Sunny and Snowing California.

Udi's Toughie

Udi's tough car going hard at the 2009 Powercruise.

Gold Coast Bike Expo Feb '10

Check out our photos from the Australian Motorcycle Expo. Was an epic weekend!

Milne Bike Delivery Boys

Two Athena Choppers going down to Mildura. Smoke from the Vic fires in South Western NSW near Hay to floods north of Goondawindi on the way home. While I was having a little sleep from time to time Cam, the ex interstater, kept us traveling with no respect for the law, mind you but he sure makes some miles. Thanks Cam and thanks to Cam's son Mitch who packed us an esky...what a champion!

Big Bear Choppers

'The Beginning for Wildcard Customs'

Contact us for PreOwned Big Bear Choppers. We may be able to source the following models...

Athena ProStreet and ChopperBear BonesDevil's Advocate ProStreet, ProStreet 2UP and ChopperMiss BehavinScreamin DemonThe SLED ProStreet and ChopperVenom ProStreet and Chopper

Contact Us

07 5476 5277